Event Atlantic Summit takes the stage in Charlottetown during ECMA week

The energy in Charlottetown will be palpable during the 5th annual Event Atlantic Summit being hosted May 2-4 while the East Coast Music Association’s awards, festival and conference are in town.

“Atlantic Canada is known for its highly successful event hosting and we are oftentimes looked upon as leaders nationally,” said Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown. “Charlottetown is elated to, once again, have the opportunity to host the Event Atlantic Summit during one of Atlantic Canada’s signature events, the East Coast Music Awards: Festival and Conference. The Capital City – Birthplace of Confederation – will be abuzz with Summit delegates and ECMA fans, adding excitement to what is sure to be an eventful time in Charlottetown.”

Playing host to the Summit for a second time, Charlottetown is no stranger to hosting events. The recipient of numerous national awards for their work in the industry, Charlottetown continues to lead the charge on event hosting with experience to share and help guide other industry professionals down a successful path.

“Hosting the Event Atlantic Summit in Charlottetown during ECMA week is a perfect fit,” commented Seamus O’Keefe, Chair of Event Atlantic. “In the past, the Summit has been held in conjunction with sport tourism events hosted throughout the region. Now, delegates will have the opportunity to experience a different segment of the event tourism sector while attending the Summit.”

The Event Atlantic Summit welcomes anyone in the economic development, tourism, sport, cultural and event hosting industry to attend. While a full program has not yet been announced, the Summit is sure to feature presentations that cover all aspects of event hosting like adding non-traditional experiences to your event, best practices on how to host a successful signature event, how to overcome unexpected challenges at your event and how to build a successful bid.

For more information on the Event Atlantic Summit, and to register, visit: eventatlantic.ca​.