Excellence Awards

Event of the Year

This award is presented to an event that exemplifies industry best practices in all aspects of its operation. The event stimulated the economy in the community, region, and province while providing a commitment to sustainability practices and initiatives. The event provided inclusivity arrangement and provided attendees with high standard of satisfaction.

“Event” is defined as a one-off special event, taking place over one or several days (sport tournament, multi-day music festival, etc.).  A ‘season’ of multiple events will not be considered for this award, however a specific event within a season that embodies the characteristics of this award will be considered. 

General nomination guidelines are as follows:

  • Only complete nomination forms will be accepted
  • Only the information submitted will be used to evaluate the nomination.  Judges will not use their personal experience with/knowledge of a nominated event as part of the evaluation process
  • All questions are weighted individually and equally
  • Self-nominations are accepted
  • Nominations are open to events that took place in previous calendar year
  • Nominations can only be submitted by an Event Atlantic member
  • Nominations are open to any individual or event that took place in  the Atlantic region
  • Only the award recipients will be recognized

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