Best Practice Mission

Application Form

Though the responses to these questions are not used to determine an applicant’s eligibility, they are required to be completed in full to be considered as a participant. These questions are designed to be thought provoking and will provide potential applicants the opportunity to reflect on why they wish to attend, and/or if this mission aligns with their organization’s priorities.

Participants are required to:

  • Have an Event Atlantic Membership in good standing.
  • Complete the application questions in full.
  • Give permission for photographs to be taken by participants or media highlighting the trip.
  • Participate in all scheduled programming.
  • Be comfortable participating in meaningful conversations.
  • Submit a post-Mission report to Event Atlantic that includes your key takeaways, learnings and experiences.

Who will be selected

For those that meet the criteria outlined, each will be placed in a random draw based on the province they represent.  Five (5) spots are available for this Best Practice Mission, with one (1) space being reserved for each of the four (4) Atlantic Provinces. The fifth attendee will be chosen from the remaining applicants that were not selected for a provincial spot. 

Four (4) additional spaces are available for this mission. These additional spaces require the represented organization to fund participation at 100% (approx. $2,500 + travel, accommodation and meal expenses). 


Is your participation in alignment with your organization’s strategic plan as relates to tourism, culture, event management, etc.?
If not selected to be one of the 5 participants, are you interested in being considered for one of the additional 4 provincial spaces that would require your organization to fully fund your participation?